About Us

The principles learnt here can also benefit dog owners by helping them stop their dogs from chasing rabbits and deer.

You will see my border Collies working with the sheep which many customers find fascinating.

We have great walks over the farm with views over the Weald down to Hastings, plus some good local pubs to have a meal.

So after the sheep proofing why not go for a walk and have a pub lunch.

Please note I do not use electric collars or lock your dog in with a ram. In the half hour session I use strong voice commands and noise to stop dogs chasing sheep.

I always advocate that people keep their dogs on the lead amongst sheep, but there is a chance that you may come across sheep unexpectedly, therefore I can help in those situations.

I cannot 100% guarantee your dog will never chase livestock again, but most "sheep proofings" are successful.

Take at look at our testimonials or comments on Facebook.


‘Amazing transformation. Our eight year old Spaniel cross now chooses to walk to heal when there is any livestock around even without being called. It means we can walk in any part of the forest any time of year without worry. I now get compliments on how well behaved he is from other dog owners and horse riders. Thanks Tobin.’
CLOSED on Sundays.

Weekdays sessions

Groups of 2 or more: £37/dog

Individual sessions: £42/dog

Saturdays and Bank Holidays

Groups of 2 or more: £42/dog

Individual sessions: £47/dog

Charges Over Lambing

Lambing (approximately mid-March to late April) is a crucial and busy time of year for us, therefore I have to increase my charges, as noted below:

Week 1 – an extra £10/dog
Weeks 2 to 6 – an extra £20/dog

Please note that in the group sessions (which are organized by the dog owners) dogs and owners will still get one-to-one training.

Dog owners with more than one dog will receive a discount (but it has to be your own dog. Please don’t bring someone else’s dog).

A session for one dog lasts up to half an hour.

Payment is either with cash or credit card on the day, or in advance via BACS or PayPal (please ask for payment details. PayPal payments incur a £1.50 transaction fee).

This is a working farm, so please bring suitable footwear and clothing, and an ordinary lead for your dog. If you bring children, you will need to supervise them.

Contact Us

    Email: tobin@woodside-farm.com
    Phone: 07771 710134

    Address: Tobin Bird
    Woodside Farm
    Iden Green
    TN17 4EZ

    Most of the year we have lamb boxes for sale, so please feel free to ask.